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    Now and again it occurs to me
    I'm giving away much more than I ought to be
    Oh, yes I am
    And today I got a letter
    Telling me things that I better not believe
    But I don't know if I can
    But you're the last in a long line of mistakes I've made
    I'm tired of giving my heart and soul to a masquerade
    So I'm gonna be

    Keepin' it to myself
    Let it build up inside of me
    Keepin' it to myself
    Baby, I tried

    Well it makes no difference
    I always thought that it was planned
    When you get everything a man has to give
    You now you got to return it
    But every time I build my dreams
    Find that love is not all what it seems to be
    And I keep getting burned
    But from now on I'm gonna quit
    Before I commit myself
    To any woman I meet
    And I'll get by without love for a while
    And get into something else

    Keepin' it to myself
    Let it build on up inside
    Keepin' it to myself
    Baby, I tried

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