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    Black enchanting eyes,
    Cut through my heart
    With no regret or sign of life
    They tear apart my pride
    And cold runs through my veins
    I feel their stare from miles
    Haunting every step
    And they won't stop hunting me down
    I know the time will come,
    When all around me's burned
    And you'll still see me there
    Asking where you went too
    And what person brought you here
    And why you left the burning children
    Cold out in the night
    And calling for you all alone...

    Dark in their hearts,
    I can feel it burn inside of me
    Tormented young with no soul, haunting me
    Pain in their life all they know is misery
    Take these chains away that are holding me down
    (Holding me down)

    They'll find you alone
    Your desperate and villainous ways
    Turning their hearts into stone
    They seek more than vengeance
    Look in their eyes, your pain is their satisfaction
    Look in their eyes and see the darkness take hold
    (Waiting for x4)
    Burn.. for the rest of time!

    Hear the haunting words
    Lost children with no heart are crying
    (Turning there hearts into stone)
    And you're the lost mother they're calling
    (Go now, run and hide)
    I hear them crying at night
    Outside when their planets are falling
    They want to feel and know you hear them


    Go now / Run and hide
    Eternal Rest / In time

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