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    So much time I've wasted.
    I can truly say I never thought it would come to this.
    Never would I doubt you, but the truth kept smacking me in the face.

    Reality. You never stopped to think and you ripped us apart.
    How could you? Now our time is gone but it's still breaking my heart.

    Tears run down as I think of the days we've had,
    And the memories will last forever,
    But you and I have died and gone our separate ways.

    You are the one.
    You are the wrong one.
    Breaking the mold.
    Going your own way.
    All I feel, betrayal.

    So much time I've wasted, and I never thought it'd come to this.

    We had something great, then it was washed away.
    We had something more, then I can explain.
    Sorry. No! We had something great, then it was washed away.
    No! Not all friendships last, the genuine are harder to take.
    No! Time to start again, hope someday you'll think of me.
    No! The end reality, I know someday I'll think of you

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