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    Down by the river where the old willows bow
    Marked by time, their branches hanging low
    There where the aspens stand and hide
    Witness stories, day and night

    Along these trees, a river runs
    Its water cobalt blue
    It accompanies the road through the fields of rye
    Leading to a castle all folks knew

    On an island in the river, covered with flowers
    Dwells a lady, wrapped in secrecy
    Between tower walls that embower
    Her being, being a mystery

    Sniffing, in tears; a flower
    While standing in the casement
    Fairy lady in the tower
    Who has seen her wave her hand?
    Who has seen her wave her hand?

    At the fields the reapers listen
    And whisper: "that's the lady in the tower"
    A voice like an angels harmonic echoing
    They go numb, as her voice grows louder

    And when the shallop drifts at night
    Down to many towered Camelot
    Floating along, where roses grow wild
    Where the lady royally apparelled
    With a pearl garland around her head
    Serene she sleeps in the tower on her velvet bed

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