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    A horseman rides slowly through the mirror's sight
    He's singing a hymn for the victory of another fight
    Lancelot, his semblance radiates a mystic might

    Hair from underneath his helmet, and the red helmet feather
    Wave in the wind like a licking flame together

    This brave armoured knight; raised by the lady to a goal
    Because the flames of lust carbonise her soul

    Infinite sadness or smothered grief
    So alone, but these emotions won't leave
    Your state, going from bad to worse
    Now as lust evokes the curse

    You left the web for pictures that the mirror sent
    And forgot the loom
    While you stepped towards the casement,
    embraced by the arms of doom
    Your lust brought you to the end

    Fairy lady of Shallot
    Now as you're looking down at Camelot

    She's engulfed by the dismal night
    When the wind extinguishes the candlelight
    She's searing for this heroic knight
    Wrapped in the web in which memories hide
    Then the mirror cracked from side to side
    The curse came upon her and she cried...
    "Death chooses me to be its bride..."

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