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    My eyes slowly close
    The light shimmers away
    It's the beginning of the journey
    Myriads of roads for my sins to pave

    The lust has fled into my dreams
    As a wayward storm
    It's the dawn of a new night
    Will it pass without harm

    The road runs like a river beneath my feet
    Although I am not moving an inch
    Only the thoughts, They dance like the tides
    A red looking glass unfolds fragments of life
    And how I became your willing wife

    The ghosts of my future, all answered red
    The moment the ring was on my finger
    And when you found me in an other man's bed
    Did they foretell you about my knight
    When the key turned my chastity
    Or was it my life destined to be dead

    Far away battles
    beneath a cloak of red satin
    The yearning of lust,
    a smouldering fire

    All can be dealt with, if I only wake up
    The night drops over the shire
    The ghosts of my past
    are carved in my sight
    Wolves howl to the blue moon

    Did I deserve this past year
    A lone and longing fresh bride
    Taking comfort with willing men
    When you were gone
    Was it your life or death I feared
    An answer to the sins of the bed

    Do they know,
    the end of my dreams is near
    Enforced by the hand of a bearded knight

    A short thrust, the dreams fade away,
    The knife on the floor has turned deep red,
    In the light of the dawn this day

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