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    It was to be the strangest night i'd ever know
    It was the night i'd bear the maiden's child
    And break the spell
    And break the line
    It would have kept me from my truth until the end of time
    And then the maiden spoke to me
    Kissed my eyes, she let me breathe
    And when her veils fell to the sea
    She picked me up and carried me
    To a place where lovers bleed
    The blood of love, so tender sweet
    Now looking back to where i'd lain
    I knew then i'd never rise again
    She broke the spell and broke the line
    That could have kept me from the truth until the end of time
    Though i've played among the fallen leaves
    Taken in the splendor of the seas
    And mother moon still muses me
    In her, i've found
    My eternity

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