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    A dark wind blows a chill in his bones
    As the last wolf turns from the shore and goes
    Away back home to his pack and he smiles his teeth
    Blank, sharp white fangs with a drop of blood

    My neck turns blue by the hands that you
    Put around me while tightening the grip
    The blue moonshine on these wounds of mine

    I bed - and I'm sinking deeper into
    I crave - the embrace of the lake to take me to you
    I pray - the Gods to help me this one day
    I know - forgiveness is not your way

    The clouds grow thick as the mud
    Below his feet that walked countless miles
    The be home with child and wife and only find
    Black stained walls with all love gone

    My hands reach out to the love I see
    Only to be denied of complete devotion
    Blue moonshine on these wounds of time

    The battle cries inside his head fade away
    I sink deeper - return home to me
    I grow weaker - You are mine
    I gave you blood - and you made it die

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