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    The fabric of a dream dissolved, or so it seemed
    In the waking light
    Exchangeable goodbye
    Go on, catch your flight
    It's been a privilege
    Did we shake hands?

    Well, mine were shaking still with the passing
    Of the last cars of the train
    And then the lesser half remained
    I surely hope we forged a lasting chain...

    That simple, sober style...
    Be careful of that smile cause you might hurt someone
    And it can't be made undone
    Like snow before the sun, or backspace in a message
    If you will
    The pain residing still
    We are so much alike, you and I

    Do you know that you radiate like in real life
    When visualised by my third eye?
    Or even more so

    And though we live in different time zones
    There is no doubt we are somehow synchronised
    Like synchronised minds
    Shall we keep this pure and mutual, and ban amorous
    Spoilers from the game?
    'Cause It'd be such a shame...

    The tragedy of synchro-minds
    May amplify a thousand times
    I want to see this through
    You know as I do that the unity of synchro-minds
    Stretches over a thousand miles
    Don't you feel blue?
    I'll be joining you so soon

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