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    He accompanies me through wind and rain
    When I'm in agony and pain
    He warns me for the change, the change of tide
    And tells me when and where to hide

    When I was born along came he
    When I arose he came alive in me
    But only I was recognized
    Vivid in their dream
    No one saw him gleam

    How selective they wish to perceive
    In the lie, they want to believe
    The trees blossom acknowledged
    The roots denied
    Because if he'd be noticed
    They'd tremble, terrified

    Why not speak of him freely?
    Of the one hushed so ruthlessly?
    He who offers the ultimate escape
    Out of this treacherous world full rape

    To me, a friend
    Guardian of my final breath
    To them, their greatest fear
    They call him "DEATH"

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