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    And she's dreaming about
    The view over the castle down below
    There is no doubt
    A curse came upon her
    As she knows...

    The voices of reapers
    Shading off into sounds of the night
    Becomes visible in a mirror
    The mirror with its magic sights

    The cause of the inner row
    Is the promise of horror and strife
    If she keeps looking at the beauty below
    Despair will take over her life

    Her eyes , her deep blue eyes
    She averts them from the casement
    And she is weaving
    While the loom obeys her hands

    Lustful groaning by moonlight
    A luscious mistress and her paramours
    Making love in the brewing night
    Till dawn they enjoy each other
    While being a mirrors magic sight

    And when someone dies
    A threnody sounds from the towers
    So she weaving in her web
    Also weaving a funeral
    Under sunbeam showers

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