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    Like the clouds that sail along the endless sky
    And roses give out their colour to the air
    Like swans that start to sing before they die
    I comfort you, surrounding you with care

    You bear the cross of guild and of regret
    While my fingers seize your pale arms
    "Hold me for the last time", I believe you said
    Freezing thoughts won't stop me from keeping you warm

    The pulsating of the heart goes on and on and on and on...
    Weakness becomes the king of thy being
    When cathedrals of hope collapse
    Pictures of thy life pass by in the last seconds
    Never have known the meaning of life
    Until it ends...

    I sit alone, your head upon my hands
    I cry over you while you are feeling free
    Cause now you are, you are in the revealing lands
    Passed away taking along a part of me

    It is hard for me, for me to see you die
    Through all the tears, tears that make me blind
    It is hard for you, for you to see me cry
    And you won't forget those who are left behind...

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