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    Filling this world with a gloomy gaze
    While living in an absorbing haze
    A deep grey lake is all they see

    Focussed on what will come and what will be
    What will be shall come at last
    And knowing what will come has already passed

    Thinking and thinking, it's going to deep
    The borders are gone now, even in his sleep
    Where is the beginning, where is the end?
    What will you go through, where do you stand?

    A sorcerer, a beggar
    A king or a knight
    The emperor of a world
    The world of his mind

    Intelligence that crossed the lines of his stare
    Enchanted by the pearls at the bottom of the lake
    It catches a glimpse in this world of fake

    And takes along a piece of a mystery
    That is there, an isolated soul, dreaming or awake
    Or one that is open, insane or full of care

    This is the beginning, the beginning of the end
    What will you go through, there where you stand

    A sorcerer, a beggar
    A king or a knight
    The emperor of the world
    The world of mankind

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