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    A moment of my life shared with you
    Will never be forgotten
    From this cradle's ledge
    I count the rings
    Of my time on earth
    Imaging myself content
    Needing to dissolve this taste
    Of wasted dreams
    And within my head
    This gray begins to grow
    Please let me tear it all away
    And i will set free
    You and i
    Drawing strength
    From the point of contact
    Dna fireflies within
    And in another moment
    I'd refuse to chance these preparations
    After 25 years of building
    To the settlings grounds we go
    A place to pool
    And to be snythesized
    Into the rest now
    This is where the cybersoldiers
    Hold the line
    In weary vigilance
    But i believe them now
    I never thought i would
    I never thought i would
    And this is why
    A moment of my life shared with youâ?¦you
    Will never be forgotten
    No, it will never be forgotten

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