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    It's love of the dead

    Arising from her sleep
    To the sweet smell of decay
    Lying in a coffin
    Dead flesh she craves

    There's kissing, of course, caressing, blood drinking, the smell, the

    Morbid lust must be satisfied
    In the shadows she must hide
    Entering the sacred tomb
    To fuck those who have died

    When you lie on some bodies, blood comes out of their mouth, and the weight
    of my body pushes it out. That's called purging

    Kissing the flesh
    So dead and cold
    Purging blood
    To drink and be whole
    Strength from the dead
    To feed the soul

    I definitely enjoy swallowing blood. It's very arousing making love with a
    body and drinking some of the blood

    Robbing the grave

    There's a difference between fucking and making love. Maybe some people fuck
    dead bodies. I make love to them

    Screaming in agony
    Coming on the corpse
    Takes it home in the hearse
    So she can get some more

    When I enjoy myself with a corpse, it's a high beyond any I've ever had

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