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    Repulsive parasites feeding on your mind
    Shrieking demons
    Within your skull they fly
    See the colors so bright and brilliant
    The hunger starts
    It's brain matter you want

    Voices so twisted command you
    Don't try to resist it
    Give in to the belief
    That bliss is within reach
    So destroy the wicked in your eyes
    And feast

    Fuel the creatures in your head
    (The answer is in the slaughtered dead)

    State of mind unbalancing
    Distorted sick reality
    Must achieve immortality

    It's god again
    He speaks
    About the tasks you must complete
    Tripping hard
    Your brain is shorted out
    You must believe
    Cranial chaos
    Blurs of violence
    Keep the cravings fed
    Are they coming in or out
    This hole inside your head

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