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    The hate I have for you
    I swore I never would unleash
    But here you are in pieces
    Lying at my sweaty feet
    I masturbate with guilt
    While looking at your distant eyes
    I've had your torso seven times
    Yet still my dick does rise

    Lobing up your lifeless cunt
    With blood from where your legs were
    I slide in with ease
    My soul you please
    Finger your rectum
    You're just as good in death as life
    I don't know why I waited
    Your head is gone
    You cannot speak
    Can't think of what I hated

    You fucking whore!
    Fuck you!


    Now I tire of stretching out
    Your dead and bleeding twat
    Variety is what I crave
    So with my knife I cut
    Your ass and cunt are now as one
    I join them with a slice
    The blood and defecation
    On my hard-on feels so nice

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