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    (oh ah) (oh ah)
    (oh ah) (oh ah)

    Verse 1:
    Gentle voice, soothes my soul
    Loving arms, hold me close
    I feel your love, I feel your love

    Verse 2:
    You wipe the tears, the pain I knew
    All my fears are washed away
    Your healing love, your healing love

    Let my heart be true
    With these words I sing to you

    You are all I want in my life
    You are all I want in my life
    Your love it shines so bright

    (oh ah) (oh ah)

    Verse 3:
    You call my name and I'll come near
    You hold my hand, I won't let go
    I know your love, I know your love



    (oh ah) (oh ah)
    (oh ah) (oh ah)

    Chorus x2

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