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    I'm walking a new walk

    I'll never be the same again

    Dancing a new dance in

    Your Holy Spirit Rain

    Your breath of life has overwhelmed me

    and set my spirit free

    I'm living a new life,underneath Your morning star

    Running a new race,in the shadow of Your love

    Your love is immeasurable,too deep to comprehend

    My Jesus,dream-maker

    My Jesus, live-giver

    I'm living under the Kiss of Heaven,

    and I'll never ever be the same again

    I'm singing a new song in the presence of The King

    Giving You my heart

    That is all that I can bring

    You lit a fire inside of me

    That I thought would never burn again

    I thank You,my Father, for all You've done

    And all You're going to do

    My past behind me and You before me

    I press on for more

    Im living in the embrace of Heaven

    And I'll never ever be the same again

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