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    I'm the cold one, seemingly the enlightened one.

    You don't see me screaming, the frightened one.

    Everybody's rooted therapy, I'll be your stupid therapy

    All these illusions we've created in this life

    Just to Survive in this World

    I'm the bold one dreaming up irresponsible fun.

    You don't see me healing the forgotten ones.

    Everybody's useless majesty, Everybody refuse this reality

    Is this the consciousness you've come to delight in?

    Just to Survive in this world

    And you sit at home eating McDonalds.

    You watch the T.V. gleam

    This maze of websites has you brainwashed

    it's so fascinating

    You don't see the sun much, see your kids much,

    you have to pay for these things,

    to keep up with the Jones', make them jealous.

    make you feel so supreme.

    Why are you an artist, why are you a seer,

    waiting tables in a daze?

    Why are you a dancer, why are you a healer,

    pushing pencils for corporate praise?

    Why do you ache for harmony in your prison,

    freedom from your cage?

    Why not lose your laptop, throw away your apron?

    There are better ways to Survive in this world.

    Meanwhile our water is dirty, our kids shoot each other

    and we can't breathe the air.

    There's no place to move, no space to use.

    We reproduce as if we're unaware

    that our fuel supply is almost blown.

    The hole in the ozone has grown.

    Our oil spills make the dolphins drown.

    There's too much trash to put in the ground.

    And you look away and turn off the news.

    You can't be responsible for what you do.

    It's all for the quality of life you choose,

    but when you've lost that right what will you do?

    What will you do?

    How will you choose to Survive in this world?

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