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    Brave is my courage

    High is my sword

    Hurry into the open

    Rush out the door

    Bloodied by the shore

    Blind is my fury

    fearless in my mind

    whispers of the angels

    are speaking of a fight

    Streaming lights of white

    beaming whites of light

    Watching as my body

    stay where I lay

    floating ever higher

    I have never prayed

    secrets move my way

    Now I am all knowing

    we are all the same

    pieces of each other

    fitting into our game

    spirits dance and play

    dissipate to gray

    Soon I will forget all

    These visions, all I can take

    to a new tour of duty

    maybe violence I will break

    bloodied by the shore

    bring me in

    let me breathe

    are you there

    is this me

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