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    You know what? We were there.

    We weren't just close, no we were there.

    We got our foot in the door three

    days before you left,

    just six hours after you let

    your fear take you home.

    You saw what you came to see.

    Yet you thought the magic was just a fantasy.

    And when it became too tangible,

    the sweetness in your mouth.

    You had to bite your tongue, turn and run,

    let the bitter wash it out.

    I wouldn't care so much if you were replaceable.

    I wouldn't care so much if we hadn't bared our souls.

    But you're not free, no you're a slave.

    To your demons and guilt and greed,

    on a coward's escapade.

    Why not look deeper within?

    Can it come down to money there?

    I know your true desires are not half

    as shallow as your stare.

    Feed me these false promises that I in turn can spread.

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