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    Just around the eyes
    That's where you remind me
    Of someone I left behind me
    I'm sorry if I stare
    But you must have stirred a memory
    And it caught me by surprise
    But it was only for a moment
    And just around the eyes

    Something in your touch
    Took me back a long way
    And made me say the wrong name
    I wish I could explain
    But if I had to tell you
    Where a small resemblance lies
    It's something in your touch and just around the eyes

    I'm over him completely
    I rarely think about him at all
    So when I look at you
    Tell me, what I should do
    With the little bit of him that I saw

    Only when you smiled
    You could have bowled me over
    A memory out of nowhere
    That came and went so fast
    Don't tell me I still love him, that has to be a lie
    It's just something in your touch
    And only when you smile and only for a moment
    Just around the eyes

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