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    Broken from the start
    Bad assembly line
    Sent out without spare parts
    To ease you from your pain

    Some how you had become
    More than the sum of your parts
    Along with certain problems
    Came a soul, a brain, a heart

    I was drawn
    Like a moth
    Into your light
    Hard to know
    For just a little while

    Paper capacitors
    And tube technologies
    Parts wear out after awhile
    Happens to everything
    A sick and twisted god
    If one resides at all
    Doing so little for
    the one I love the most

    Power surge shorted out
    Blew your filaments
    I'll rebuild bring you back
    Until we're one again

    I found the last part that I need
    In an old goodwill stereo
    Soldered it into place
    In a few more moments
    I should know
    Turn your switch to on

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