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    Hand me downs
    All the things I hate in you
    I recently found
    In me
    I always promised myself
    that I'd never be.

    Caught your eye
    Recognize the loneliness
    that you try and hide
    I know
    Even though he's right there
    you still feel alone

    I remember
    I still remember those days
    I know
    Wounds heal to scars
    and smother the pain
    Now you can't feel a thing

    It's too hard to
    See the worst parts of myself
    reflected in you
    I'd hoped that it would be something I
    could one day outgrow

    Down again
    everything just bottles up
    and when you pretend
    I know
    even though he's right there
    you still feel alone

    I still remember that day
    So cold
    Wounds healed to scars
    You got so old
    I hope I never get old

    I always wanted to believe
    That I'd be stronger than you were
    Burying everything underneath
    Hate the way
    Hate the way you'll always be
    Part of Me

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