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    I don't mind if you want to sleep on your own
    I don't mind if you want to bring somebody home
    To spend the night
    I don't mind your casual affairs
    Your one-night stands because I know I'm the main man in your life
    And you know I don't mind if you leave me behind
    When you go away for a couple of days
    But you know that I could come too
    And I wouldn't intrude, wouldn't make any fuss
    'cos things are so cool between us
    Your affection is ultimately mine
    Remember from the start
    I won't take up all of your time
    I am in your heart
    Your body
    But you must admit
    I'm prepared to share
    At off-peak times
    When you think about it
    Because we know
    That others have
    And do share mine
    That you're mine

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