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    Playing your game  your mother substitute
    She is she  That you never screwed
    Playing your game  Her life revolves round and round you
    A total investment  Can't afford to love
    You're the prize for her sacrifice - A kiss in the morning
    A kiss late at night
    She's closing her eyes
    To those possible lies
    Keeping the doubts
    Locked tight up inside
    Playing your game  She taking care of you
    Watching out for your head  When you're sick
    She puts you to bed  She props you up
    nurses you through  she's here to look after you
    Playing your game  with the rules that you've set
    We're on either side  Am I such a threat
    Playing your game  Taking care of your needs
    She is your security  I may remark on your insensitivity
    But you know she wouldn't listen to me

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