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    When they tell you that it's all in your head
    The unrelenting screams of both the living and the dead
    And they tell you that the war is over, the dead are buried deep
    The final battle's been and gone, war is the way of the world
    No notion of illusion dwells in that, you choose the path of the righteous men
    Did they really think that you'd just switch off?
    Did they really think that you'd live through that, and still be the man that you were?
    Did they even have a notion of just what you'd become?
    Looks like they really planned your fate
    It's the war that never ended, still raging on inside your head
    And what drove you then, still drives you now, the war
    Compelled by a swarm of black emotions that won't subside
    The war manifests in all you see, sense and feel
    Through fevered dreams, full body sweats, unfulfilled campaigns
    It's the storm you know never abates
    The war that never ended summons you awake in a glaze of sweat
    The war that never ended, the war

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