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    It's light as a feather, snaps right together, it's the one
    It weathers the storm and the grimness of war, it's the one
    It clears out the trenches with power and vengeance, it's the one
    It lays waste to the temples and all those that dwell, it's the one
    As a defoliant there is no accident, it's the one
    It cuts down defences like razors through flesh, it's the one
    Easy to conceal until death is revealed, it's the one
    Structure, bone and plant, it lays everything flat out, it's the one
    It's the only weapon of choice
    It's the only weapon you'll need
    It's the ultimate tool of destruction
    It's the only weapon of choice
    It discharges with ease and reloading's a breeze, it's the one
    It will never jam it will never melt down, it's the one
    It razes flesh from bone and mortar from stone, it's the one
    It rolls through the town and lays everything flat out, it's the one
    It never kicks back so precise its attack, it's the one
    No pin is required no trigger desired, it's the one
    Discharges with a thrust, turns matter to dust, it's the one
    The kill rate's supreme and the death counts a dream, it's the one

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