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    It's an ideal as old as man itself, a value obscured, yet never deceased
    A way of life that must go on, a knowledge that lives in the hearts of the chosen
    As sure as life and death itself, a thinking and being that must survive
    And if our campaign is pure, and commitment lives within our hearts
    Our quest will go forth unharmed, for glory is fleeting
    And victory's just a part of doing the job right, and it'll take place like this
    And it's an age old ideal and one that never died
    For there was no beginning, no vortex in time
    And the footsteps now trodden, imprint the souls of those who served
    We march to the same beat, although we're of a different time
    If our campaign is pure, if our campaign is true
    And we won't tolerate a thing that stands in the way of completing our quest
    And it'll shape up like this
    For vengeance will be swift via a hand so merciless
    And the hammers will roll out in a bloody masquerade
    And some things never change no matter how oft the clock does turn
    We march to the same beat though we're of a different time
    And if our campaign is pure, and the weapon of choice is within our reach
    Our quest shall go forth unharmed
    For while glory is fleeting the spoils will be ours just the same
    And it'll take place like this
    And all subversives crushed, our legacy this will be, with no ifs or buts to be heard
    And we'll sound the siren for our faith to rise again
    And future generations will fly the flag

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