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    So terrified, yet so in control, adrenaline be thy saviour
    Have I only seconds to live, merely moments to go? Adrenaline thy benefactor
    Feeling the blood as it pulses and flows, adrenaline is thy master
    Of quickening senses, of taking the load, adrenaline take me home
    A cold heart in a cold war, the troops of the regiment, rise up!
    Going over the trench wall and into certain death, rise up!
    In places that know nothing but war, the scent of terror wafts through the air
    And this terror that awaits, it's more than a dream for this is nothing you'll wake from
    Those new to the terrain, they'll ignore the signs a taste of reality changing everything
    And some are crippled with fear, oh, because death's always near
    But adrenaline will be thy saviour
    Adrenaline equals survival, so nothing must stand in the way
    Trudging through swamps, and the mud, and the mist, and the clay
    Willing against all odds that the rush of blood will remain
    Fucking it all on the brink of a total breakdown

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