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    Power, not participation, the wise rule the strong, the strong rule the weak and so on
    Power, not participation, if we rule their thinking, our dominant quest can begin
    Subservience or death
    Since the very dawning of time, people have needed to be led
    Subservience or death
    Those that can't do as I will may not live to regret
    The smarter we get, the crueler we are, and logic depicts a survival of fittest be law
    Those that can't abide this belief, will join us or perish for this will become the new faith
    It's more than desire, it's knowledge that will set the world right
    For nothing else matters than enforcing the word and the law
    By strength and by deed, we'll show them who's really in charge
    For a malleable mind is a malleable will to control
    Our morals are fading away, at least that's what men of the cloth would wish to convey
    An uprising is for what I pray, a death to those fading religions that starts here today

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