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    Take It From The Hand That Feeds You Well,
    Not Giving Any More.
    You've Been Lost But I Don't Really Care,
    I'm Closing Up My Door.
    Had A Chance You Let It Drift Away,
    You Threw It In My Face.
    Give It All I Can,There's Nothing Left
    But What I'm Left,To Waste,What I'm Left,To Waste.

    Can't Take No More,Can't Take No More.

    Get Yourself Another Fool.
    One Who's Gonna Treat You Well.
    Tell You I Can't Take No More.
    You've Taken All I Had To Give.


    You're The One Who Laughed,Though How I Know
    It Makes No Difference Now.
    Used To Take It All,Just Come And See,
    Decision By The Hour.
    Such A Shame It Had To End This Way,
    I Used To Really Care.
    Feelings That I Had For You Have Died.
    I Just Can't Take No More.
    I Just Can't Take No More.

    Can't Take No More,Can't Take No More.

    Snatch It From The Hand That Gives.
    Made With Someone Half The Time.
    No Good Looking Down On Me.
    I Really Just Don't Give A Damn.


    Can't Take No More.

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