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    I wake up in the morning just about the break of day
    I look into the mirror but they don't know what to say
    Stare in the face that's staring right back at me
    Look into the eyes that never learned to see
    Oh, I don'y know what went wrong
    Sing my song to you (alright to you baby)
    See all the people passing on the street
    Looking for a friend that they never learn to meet
    Back in the hall of horror I sit and stare
    In the whole wide world there's no one to care
    I do not know what went wrong
    Sing my song to you (alright)
    Sing my song baby to you child
    I got to sing my song, it won't take long
    I don't know why, gotta really try really try to find you babe
    What I really want ta give ya, what I really want tell ya. well I really want ta find ya
    (ab lib.)
    The day slips away and turns to the darkess night
    I sit all alone and I don't want to switch on the electric light
    I don't want to say that I'm all alone
    I packed up to get out a millions miles from home
    I don't know what went wrong
    Sing my song to you
    (ad lib.)

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