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    All Across The Country,Won't There Be The Call.
    All Across The Country,Waiting For Me To Call.
    You Can't Flush Your Stash,Baby,It Ain't No Use At All
    You Gotta Flush Your Stash,Baby,No,It Ain't No Use At All.

    I Woke Up In The Morning,Fuzz By My Bed.
    I Took Two Alka Seltzers And Flew Right Off My Head.
    I Was Long Gone,Man,Nobody You Phone Call.
    I Was Out Of My Head On Two Seltzers,I'm No Good At All.

    All Across The Country,People Waiting For Me To Call.
    People Waiting For Me,See What I Got,a Call,For You.
    You Gotta Gotta Flush Your Stash,But It Ain't No Use At All.
    Just Two Seltzers,Get you In More Trouble Than You Can Afford.

    Well I Woke Up In The Morning,The Fuzz Was By My Bed.
    I Took Two Alka Seltzers And I Flew Right Out Off My Head.
    I Got The Alka Seltzer's Blues,There's Nothing I Could Do.
    I Just Took,Just The Two And It Blew Away All My Blues.

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