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    Time flows back from the end-
    A foe or a friend-
    Depending upon how you choose:
    Bliss or the Blues.
    Igniting our fuse-
    We win or we lose.
    You hold my past
    But I am your future.
    The present connects our history.
    The Circle is closed beginning to end.
    Mystery grows - from lover to friend.
    Eternity shows my heart in your hand.
    The Circle is closed.
    Life moves on toward its goal-
    Taking a toll-
    Holding the answers to why
    The lonely ones cry.
    There's truth in a sigh.
    You are my rhyme
    I am your reason
    Balancing body and soul.
    In the back of my mind
    Like smoke on a mirror
    You color everything I do.
    You are my melody
    And I am your meter.
    music and movement make our song.

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