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    Is there a vacuum in me
    Is there a great big hole
    Does my life suck as bad as yours
    (Will you swallow my soul?)
    Is there a thought in my head
    you walk a mile in my bed
    Is there life before death
    Can you breathe my thick hot breath
    Can you kiss it
    and make it feel better
    Can you kiss me
    and make me feel
    Can you fill
    my aching need
    Will you hold me as I bleed
    Time will wait for me to fall
    It's the original fall
    I'm not everything that I need
    It's not good to be alone
    Cause I'm naked and ugly and scared
    And I'm falling everywhere
    I can feel my heart turn grey
    Cause I love and hate you
    I have everything thing
    That I lack
    As I push my heart to black
    By one man sin came in
    We all restart that flame
    I think it sucks
    (I know it does)
    But, it's all in the beginning.

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