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    I want a Virgin Mary nightlamp
    Bible hero lunch box
    The Shroud of Turin on my wristwatch
    Only listen to Christian ... Rock

    Gospel Cola in the morning
    Then make my Velvet Jesus Bed
    I want some Holy Trini-Tea Bags
    Covenant Candy fish ... and loaves of bread

    Gold plated Crown of Thorns Messiah Ring
    Belt buckle's a decending dove
    Hang a chrome fish on my truck
    They'll know we're Christians by our love
    ... Of junk

    All my Jesus Junk
    Yeah, my Jesus Junk
    I am
    A Jesus Junkie

    Give me a piece of the true cross
    The thigh bone of a saint
    I long for something Holy
    This sub-culture ain't ... real

    Testa Mints to make my breath fresh
    Bible Gum and Christian science fiction Where Jesus turns wine into water.

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