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    Don't fill me with hope
    If you just take it away
    Don't fill me with words
    When you have nothing to say
    Don't promise tonight
    If you are leaving today
    Give it up cause you don't want to know what I know (now)
    Right and wrong
    Black and white
    Well here comes
    The freakshow
    Don't help me relax if you are sending the dogs
    Don't tell me you care if your just selling your god
    Don't promise me life if you are walking the dead
    Go away cause you don't want to see what I believe now
    Who are you
    To make me right in the wrong
    To make me weak in the strong
    To make me question it all
    Who are you
    To make me lay on the ground
    To make me suck on a frown
    To make me see how I fall
    Well I see it all

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