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    Eternal suffering.
    Everlasting oblivion of tears falling into the dust.
    I want to die.
    But the three mothers don't grip my hand
    they want the cycle to be completed.
    I'm walking through this autumnal mist
    where everything dies
    and where everything's anguish and loneliness.
    I mortify my heart with love's pain
    and fall into the hollow deep abyss.
    I'm alone in the dark
    my being transfixed by a circle of shining souls
    but their laments can nothing against frost
    hate and the macabre veil winding my soul
    in an obscure seal.
    I would shed blood but something's hindering that to me
    which dark force gives my spirit strength
    thou condemned to wander in this mist thick as pain
    I'm alone in Mater Tenebra.
    I enjoy this event.I son of darkness drink my tears
    from the calix of the god who never forsakes
    who turns defeat into victory.
    I raise my hands up towards the northern icy wind
    and to the nothing I yell.
    Th at vision is mild and pure wrapped into the torments wind
    I stretch out my hand but everything disappears
    so I close the circle of fire once more
    and I find myself again alone in the dark.
    I celebrate the ancient names of this pagan winter
    looking for lymph and power
    for his soul now I've lost into emptiness.
    Lost in Mater Tenebra.
    Satan's masses mutate the weak.
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