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    With a fellow
    I run a record label
    and its name is File-13
    He's a tall dark
    Arkansas-ian motherfucker
    and i couldn't say for sure
    if he actually likes me
    I guess its possible
    I nag too much
    and I get inside his head
    he does make me laugh in his own special way
    (hee hee) he likes the Greatful Dead (thats not funny)
    Your undercover funny
    your only funny
    when I'm not around
    with a marg marg beep beep
    fun fucking footall now
    I laughed out loud
    reading a 'zine
    with your bands interview
    hey neat, if your listening to this song
    your probably thinking about me
    thinking about you
    I know for a fact
    he has a good sense of humor
    i overheard him on the phone in the hall
    but when he talks to me
    he talks seriously
    if he talks to me at all
    wake up time for matt werth
    pay our loan
    talk to kurt

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