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    My life is easy
    My life ain't hard
    I spend all day in my fucking back yard
    I ain't go not money and I don't care
    My parents let me use their credit cards

    I Ain't got nowhere to go so I'm movin on the street
    see people say i got no ambition
    But I least i give a shit about the stuff i eat
    yea i care about nutrition

    Tried to get a job at the retail store, but I could not stand the competion
    so I spend all my time at hanging out at the shore, giving myself a skin conditon

    I Ain't got nowhere to go so im movin on my feet
    People say I got no ambition
    Well at least i give a shit about the stuff I eat
    Yea i care about nutrition

    Yea i guess i get upset when i see on the tv all the people in this world that are starving
    Well there is nothing in this world that can come and bother me when i smell the turkey that is carving
    I am starving!! Moses I 'm starving!

    My folks say I gotta get myself a job and they ain't gonna support me
    All Iam to them is just a lazy slob why is it that they did not abort me? whoo!

    I guess I must hang out on broad and south
    living by my intuition
    well at least I give a shit what i put into my mouth
    yea i care about nutrition

    Nutrition is good for me

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