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    I am comign in..try and stop me

    push furniture in front of the door, it only gives me something to push against

    in the full heat

    of the summer'sday

    you're telling me

    to go away

    but you owe me 8 thousand dollars, and i could use it

    i'm only getting stronger, you may have noticed

    but my head full of memories propels me ever forward

    and in the living room

    i can't see where you are, but the back door's locked, so you can't have gone far

    and 8 thousand dollars is a whole lot of money and i could use it

    could be that it's my imagination

    but i think i hear you now

    so come out, come out

    wherever you are

    olly olly olly olly olly olly ox and free

    see, i'm perfectly aware, where it is that our love stands,

    but the plain fact is that you owe me 8 grand,

    if it helps jog your memory, i lent it to you on tuesday when we were drinking

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