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    [Introducing ATL]

    I'm the one you done heard all the rumors about
    You vibrate like my cellie how you movin around
    In that new gear fresh off the Lesiango runway
    Lets go to St.Barts Sunday to Sunday
    Your nails done and them braids all twisted
    If you got a flaw, i guess i just missed it
    I'm not easy to reach, my digits unlisted
    Come closer but dont stain with your lipstick

    [1st Verse:]
    Been around the world
    Seen so many girls
    But none have moved me quite the way she does
    And I've done some things
    With some qhetto queens
    It was just for fun but now I think I'm in love

    I can't stop thinking 'bout her
    She's everywhere that i go does she know i just can't live without her
    Whoa she
    She's taking over me
    I can't control how she turns me on so much
    Without a single touch

    Shorty your the one
    Your the only girl i need
    Only one i want
    Only girl thats meant for me
    Got me open
    Baby girl let me know
    If you wanna go

    [2nd Verse:]
    You're a winner so you gotta be choosy
    'Cause you can't love everybody
    I live my life like a movie
    Act like you know somebody
    Gonna give you what you need babe
    Already told you you're the star of the t.v.
    There's nothing else you need to know
    So come on get on board

    You're the one i'm diggin
    And i guess I'm hoping that you're catching the same feelings
    Let me know
    'Cause you're my favorite girl
    In the whole wide world
    Yeah you're so fine
    I gotta make you mine

    [Chorus repeat]

    Let me say it again

    You're the one i'm diggin
    And i guess

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