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    Let me make it up with love...

    [verse 1:]
    So you say you need your space;
    You say you need to get away;
    I'm proud of you.
    A girl can't recognize game;
    I know what you're going through,
    Oohh yeahhh.
    You're feeling frustrated;
    I ain't been spending time lately;
    Your body needs attention that I ain't been giving.
    That's my bad, don't leave...

    Let me make it up with love;
    Lay your body down;
    Baby let me work it out.
    Making love will change your mind;
    Everything is fine;
    I put my name on it,
    Sign it on the dotted line.
    All night, hit you with this love;
    Let me make it right;
    Let me make it up with love...

    [verse 2:]
    You know you like it when I touch you there;
    Let me show you I care, before you leave.
    Let me be your counselor , your comforter,
    Your doctor, your remedy. Oohh yeahh.
    Girl I know what you been needing;
    Your body needs sexual heeling.
    And I'm here; I can make it right if you just let me.
    Don't leave... yeah...


    Listen baby;
    Baby when it's all said and done,
    You and me will be as one.
    We can lay in love;
    No no no no rushing, rushing.
    And girl I'm putting this on everything;
    You aint gotta leave...


    Baby I can make it right;
    Just one night;
    Let me lay you down,
    I can make it, make it.

    Girl, I'm glad you want it;
    So lay your body down.
    Baby you can have it;
    Let's make it right.

    Baby I can a make it right;
    Just one night;
    Let me lay you down,
    I can make it make it.
    Let me lay you down,-acap

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