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    I need a quick solution, I need some good advice
    I'm broke but untraditioned? empty hearts and sacrifice
    And I need you to remind me
    And I need one more day without you
    Somewhere without me, I could not find my way

    I was waiting for the right time to give you what you need
    but it was something I could not find, so walk away from me.

    If this love has one condition,
    then this love will not suffice.
    Some say that superstition will bear the blame
    Locked in your eyes
    So tell me who keeps the secrets
    and first of all who'm I to (blame)?
    Save me from ever believing that we could find our way

    I was waiting for the right time
    To give you what you need
    But it was something i could not find
    So walk away from me

    You can rub me the wrong way
    You can slap me up in my face
    You can beat me until I break
    Just walk away from me
    Walk away
    Walk away
    Walk away

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