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    He`ll take you home
    and then write a song about it
    he`s so alone
    you`d never think to doubt it
    he is the tricky kind
    and she`s gonna fall into his covers
    he`s gonna search his mind
    he will find a way to love her

    in his mind
    he`s writenn every line
    he just recycles them all the time
    it`s a message that sweeps the nation
    same words, different situation
    he`ll make demands
    at first you`ll be so willing

    but take command
    you`re pride is not worth killing
    he`s gonna make it hard
    twist your wods untill they crumble
    here is a work of art
    the way you jump at all he mumbles


    if you get stuck with millionaire
    you can always come home
    ther`ll be a place for you
    a table for two
    if you ever feel alone


    it`s gonna take awhile
    to sew the wounds that he had opened
    but you`re a lucky child
    so all you do is keep on hopin`

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