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    He's got a really bad sense of time
    He only listens when she's about to break down and cry
    But she's got a lot to learn about herself
    She's always blaming her sorrow on someone else

    He's not a really good person from the start
    He's always making it a habit of breaking her heart
    But she's gonna have to take half the blame
    She's always taking his shit
    But i swear it's gonna change

    Just walk away like you never cared
    Don't even look at him if you're still scared
    And you don't even have to give him a reason why
    But all the things that you never said
    They're gonna stay with you until you're dead
    So take advantage of the way he made you feel

    It's only a matter of time
    You're gonna find your peace of mind
    And maybe settle down in a one bedroom apartment
    And all the evil things he might say
    Will come back to him one day
    When he least expects it
    And then maybe you'll be a million miles away

    Miles away

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