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    I see an angel
    Flying down the sky
    He lifts me up and quiet
    Baby he's talkin to me
    I see a perfect face that shines
    I wonder if you are the one
    But maybe he's talking to me

    I close my eyese I'm there
    I search the light through all my tears
    You hold my hand and baby
    Take me up to somewhere better where I can

    Fly high
    The time is right
    Fly high
    To touch the sky
    With you, with you

    With all your joy
    You came into my life
    You took my heart
    Now I'm dying
    I'm dying for you
    Rain is falling down my face
    You Kissed my tears away
    The musics playing
    Its playing for you


    Tonight is gonna be the night
    To enter your soul [To get into your soul]
    Let me show you that
    I'll stand there by your side
    To hold you by your side
    To hold you close
    I want it though, together

    (Chorus adlib)

    Don't ever fear
    Forever with you
    I'll hold you close
    Forever with you

    I see an angel
    Flying down the sky
    It lifts me up and smiles
    Baby, I'm talking to you

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