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    bite the hand that feeds
    biting off more than you can
    are you sure you got the right hand skilled
    and all because this left hand spit
    have you been crying
    over your spilled milk?

    swallow your refills
    the drink of drinks
    we drank ourselves to sleep
    on the mistletoe concrete
    we blank this page with ink
    two for flinching
    when the paper cuts sink
    we drank ourselves to sleep
    cause the paper cuts hurt
    (sure enough as)
    i burned myself in the cigarette crossfire
    sure enough as
    my ears kissed the floor
    just to hear a mouthful
    sure enough as

    you scratch the itch
    on the tome of your dial
    have you been crying over your...

    more than you can choose
    more than you can chew

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